Friday, September 2, 2016

How To Fix TB47 and TB48 Batteries For DJI Inspire Drone

It is not an unusual case you receive an Inspire drone with a battery which can't work properly.  In most of the case, when you try to charge the battery, a green LED will just blink for a couple of times together with another red LED which keep turn on for a while, and then everything turn off, and no more response.  If you repeat the charging process again, it just shows you the same response, nothing else.  If you try to press the button on the battery, no matter it is charging or not, you will get the same response also.  After having some search with google, there is a guide which propose a fix by dismantle the plastic case and disconnect the connector which connecting the battery to a circuit board for couple of hours.  The idea is to discharge the circuit board and "wish" it backs to the initial state.  However, it is not the case as what you did in resetting your BIOS password.  In fact, you can fix it by a much simpler method,

1. Disconnect the connector.
2. Plug the charging adapter to your battery, and switch on the power of the adapter.
3. Don't wait, connect the connector again.
4. Now, after some strange blinking of the green LED, it will blink as normal to show it is in charging mode.
5. Wait until it is fully charged.

That's it.  Keeps hack as simple as possible.




  1. Just tried this and it appears to have worked, I had three flashing lights right the way through the charge from flat until 100%, one cell a little higher than the others but the battery did charge at around 100 minutes charge time until it switched off. Thanks for the great tip.

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